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I have downloaded my software updates successfully on my clickfree,but it wants me to download again

JacobJacob CanadaPosts: 3Member
I bought my clickfree about 3 years ago (I do not know which version) it says on back bar code RWC 566146.  527B3 500GB
MP1134DG.  I have a Macbook Pro version 10.12.1  until this issue is fixed, I am not able to use my clickfree. please help me.



  • NTinkNTink AlaskaPosts: 1Member
    I have the same issue. I purchased my Clickfree in 2011 and it worked on my Macbook Pro until I upgraded to Sierra last month.  Now Clickfree said I needed a software update; it updates successfully but Clickfree doesn't initialize.  When I open it up, it says I need a software update. I'm going around in a circle.  Any ideas?
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