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How to find which model of device I am using

Steppyb60Steppyb60 MissouriPosts: 1Member
I would like to know how to find the model number of the device that I am using.  I don't seem to find any answers to what I want to know based on the numbers that I see on the end of my device. Also, my device is at least five years old, does that matter?


  • KathleenHamelKathleenHamel Peachland, British ColumbiaPosts: 1Member
    Did anyone answer you? I have the same question. 
  • estabanestaban fort myers floridaPosts: 2Member
    I also have the same question.  I still have the box and the model # is showing as C2.  but on the back of the unit you can see your model#  it is a very long # not the SN#.   So I just emailed someone at Clickfree that i spoke to last year. I am able to back up fine etc on Windows 10.  But when i try to make a System Image, I go back to check the file and it says the files is "corrupt". So I am hoping that IF I ever needed that system image file it will indeed work? 
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