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PROBLEM: Windows 10 freeze up/will not respond when start C6 Clickfree

mwlaneymwlaney U.S. TexasPosts: 3Member
How do I fix problem -- other than not running Clickfree? 

Error messasges 
Microsoft Windows
The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.
Do you want to end this process?
                            [ END PROCESS ]            [CANCEL]

When nothing happens - if I press CTRL+ALT+DEL, I get one of 2 things -- usually only after several minutes of frozen computer/screen:

Failed to display security and shut down options.
The sign-in process couldn't display security & sign-in

Failed to display Task   Manager

3 times after recovering and restarting - get this message:  Looks like Windows didn't load correctly
[advance options]    [restart]


  • mwlaneymwlaney U.S. TexasPosts: 3Member
    It is model # CA3D20-6C 2 TB
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