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C6 Software Is Not Launching

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This may occur when on or more of the Clickfree drives are not detected by the computer, or when the Clickfree is not receiving enough power.



1. Ensure the Clickfree device is receiving enough power:

    • Depending on the product; the Clickfree may come with a USB cable, a USB Y-cable, and/or an AC adaptor
    • Ensure that these are in use if they came with your product

2. Try plugging your Clickfree into different USB ports:

    • If using a desktop, use the USB ports located at the back of the computer. These ports generally supply more power than the USB ports located at the front
    • USB hubs are not supported. The Clickfree must be connected directly to the computer

3. If your Clickfree was supplied with an AC adaptor, try plugging it into a different power outlet:

    • The LEDs on the Clickfree will light up when powered ON

4. Check that both drives named Clickfree_System and CF_Storage exist:

    • If both drives do not appear, the Clickfree software will not function correctly

                   How to check for Clickfree_System and CF_Storage:

      1. Close any open applications
      2. Using your keyboard, press Windows key + E at the same time to open Computer/My Computer
      3. Plug your Clickfree into USB
      4. Under the section Drive with removable storage: two drives should appear named Clickfree_System and CF_Storage
      5. Double-click on Clickfree_System, the Clickfree software should launch

What drives are detected?

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