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how to restore to a new PC

neil1010neil1010 thornhillPosts: 10Member

I am confused over what is needed to back up the contents of my C2 onto a new computer.

Since the C2 does not retain a copy of the software and OS (like a C6 does), what happens if my computer is demolished (eg: falls or is destroyed), and I  all I have is my C2 data in the clickfree..what do I do? I am confused over several answers I have been getting

If I can't find another PC with the Vista OS and the programs I had installed, will the C2 restore its contents onto a PC with Windows Vista.. or higher version? please advise . Also, what happens if the software (eg: Word, excel, palm, etc) is not installed on this new computer??? What does the clickfree C2 do with the data?? does it lose the data, or is it kept on the C2 "in limbo"??

Would the C6 eliminate all this worry?, and do I need it?  What, then, is the use of the C2, afterall, if everyone needs to restore a new PC??


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  • neil1010neil1010 thornhillPosts: 10Member


    Thanks..that seems to alleviate my confusion a bit!

    It appears that the C2 will unload its contents onto a new PC I buy today, with Windows 8 installed, with little problem. All files will also be unloaded onto the PC, but won't open until I load the SW that makes them work (like Excel, Palm, real Estate , etc). I suppose that only means I need to keep the CD roms of these programs and reload, right?

    But is the Windows 8 able to handle the restore, even though the C2 backed up from Vista? I think you said it does...




  • faithfaith plymouth ukPosts: 1Member
    i have a c6   my computer had to be wiped back to factry setting so lost everything , now the clickfree wont reload back to my computer   HELP XX

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