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I used C6 Easy Fix to Restore Windows 10 but Windows cannot start properly

MaurizioMMaurizioM OttawaPosts: 10Member
Computer: HP Pavillion - dv6-2150ca Laptop
OS: Windows 10
Backed up to C6 not long ago
Windows was badly infected by viruses
I decided to use C6 Easy Fix
The Re-imaging worked normally
When completed I restarted the system. Windows 10 goes on and these starting steps follow:
1. Preparing Automatic Repair
2. Diagnosing Your PC
3. Automatic Repair > Your PC did not start start correctly
        a. Restart your PC > Back to 1.
        b. Advanced Options
                  a1. System Restore > It does not find a system to restore
                  a2. System Image recover
                  a3. Start reset > back to step 1
                  a4. Command Prompt
                  a5. Go Back to previous Build > Not built available
I cannot proceed.
What can I do to break the loop?

Thank you for your help.

Best Answers

  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    @MaurizioM ;

    The repair issue is a common issue for the Window 10. You might need to reinstall the window and then just restore the data file.
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