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What is in C:\ProgramData\ClickfreeTformerV2N?

BradishBradish FloridaPosts: 1Member
  I am on Windows 7 with current updates and use an external USB connected Clickfree 1GB HDD for a first backup and then a Clickfree Transformer with a non-Clickfree external USB HDD for a second backup. I do a Clickfree backup directly from the computer and do not use it over a network even though both the Clickfree HDD and the Transformer have that capability.
  When I run a virus or malware scan, it takes forever it seems to scan C:\ProgramData\ClickfreeTformerV2N which has over 190GB of data and more than 103,000 files, practically all of which is in the \Rollback subfolder. What is this and can I get rid of it? If I can get rid of it how should I do it (I don't see a Clickfree entry of any kind in the Control Panel's Programs and Features list)?

  Thank you for your time and effort... Peter


  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Bradish ;

    When you connect the Clickfree, it will place a folder in the programdata folder. If the Roolback folder is taking up the space on your computer, you can just delete that folder. 

    Note: Please do not delete the whole ClickfreeTformerV2N folder.

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