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Is my Clickfree Windows 10 Compatible?

saveyjacksaveyjack CanadaPosts: 1Member
edited September 2015 in Clickfree C6 Plus
Just bought a new laptop with Windows 10 and a 1TB Clickfree C6 Plus. What attracted me was the ability to backup the operating system as well. However, it doesn't say anything on the box about supporting Windows 10. I don't want to find out that it doesn't back up the operating system the hard way, if something goes wrong with my laptop down the line. It won't do much good to find out that all I was buying was a false sense of security.

The reason why I'm a bit skeptical, is because all 4 times that I've plugged my Clickfree C6 into my computer (I unplug it once it's finished so it doesn't get corrupted along with my computer should something happen) a window pops up telling me that the Clickfree is not formatted for Windows and that I must reformat the whole drive. I can exit this and it will continue with the backup normally, but this is why I am a bit leery as to whether or not Windows 10 is supported.


  • livermore99livermore99 USAPosts: 2Member
    I am having a similar issue on the one computer that I have upgraded to WIN 10 (from WIN 7).  Worked with clickfree tech support guy for nearly a hour the other day and could not get it to work.  My C-2 works with WIN 10, and my C-6 works with my other computers (running WIN 7).
  • John_CFJohn_CF TorontoPosts: 1,250Member ✭✭✭✭
    Hi, we are still testing C6 with Windows 10. While we don't expect any major issue, we can't confirm its compatibility yet with C6's current software. Once the test is finished, we'll provide an update here at the Forums. 

    In the mean time if you must back up your Windows 10 computer, we recommend the C2 model. It's compatible with Windows 10 and will back up all the personal data files.

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  • MardiMardi NYCPosts: 1Member
    i am having a similar issue- I can get the Clickfree Plus to do the initial backup of my system with windows 10 and then it won't run subsequent backups. There is plenty ( almost 75%) of the drive free, so space should be an issue. I would also love information when available-- i will go and see if i still have  another clickfree backup and use that in the interim.  
  • Ronald_Rodger_CasebyRonald_Rodger_Caseby Chichester, West Sussex, UKPosts: 2Member
    So Clickfree C6 Plus will not as yet transfer backed up files and programmes from a Windows & computer upgraded to Windows 10 to a new computer with Windows 10 factory pre-loaded, but you are hopeful that an update might make it work. So what does Windows 10 mean under Settings/Update and Security/Recovery/ Advanced Start Up- start from a Systems Image?
  • John_CFJohn_CF TorontoPosts: 1,250Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Ronald_Rodger_Caseby Not being compatible doesn't mean it will not work. We have some feedback from other customers that have tried backing up and re-imaging a Windows 10 computer and have been successful. We are testing to make sure it's 100% compatible and if it is there will be no need for a new software update.

    If a new software update is required, the fundamental of C6 still remains. You can transfer personal data files across all supported operating system, but not program or software. Programs and software can only be restored as part of a complete image.

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  • dcassidydcassidy San JosePosts: 4Member

    Can you point us to the steps on how to restore files from the Clickfree device over to the PC?

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