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Windows 10 - il take the back-up but I don't see the files who were back-up

RaynaldRaynald quebec city, CanadaPosts: 2Member
August 10 2015, I upgrade to Windows 10. I delete all the back-up taken by Windows 8,1 on the clickfree disk.

With Windows 10, I connect clickfree to my computer. It take a full backup (about 123 gig in 10 hours). After the backup, l try to see the files that where backup and I cannot see any file. Clickfrre say that there is no data on the disk but I know that 132 gig where backup on the disk,

Do you have an upgrade for Windows 10 to solve this problem.

Model : CA3A05 500GB

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  • John_CFJohn_CF TorontoPosts: 1,250Member ✭✭✭✭
    Hi, you should be able to view your backed up files in the Viewer menu. Please follow the steps in the link below to view your files.

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  • RaynaldRaynald quebec city, CanadaPosts: 2Member
    I follow the steps in the link and it did not resolve the problem.

    In my computer, the property for the 2 drives are :

     The drive (E) Clickfree has no free space (140 GB used)

    The drive (F) CF-Storage is 132 gig used and 332 GB free



    In the Viewer, the space used (espace utilisée) is 0MB and the last backup (dernière sauvegarde = Sans) None ?

    Why ?

    Can I send to you some print screen to visuale the problem ?


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