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mcaffieromcaffiero victoriaPosts: 1Member
Hi there, I accidently unplugged my clickfree too early and now im scared everything is gone off my device. Every time i try and plug it back it it displays an error message NTFS-3G. I'm using a mac. Have i lost everything? what do I have to do to fix this issue? please help :(


  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭

    Hi mcaffiero,

    While the Clickfree is running and you have unplug the Clickfree, this could casue the bad sector of the drive. You can use a Window PC to run a Disk Check: 

    Performing a disk check from Windows:

    1. Close any open applications
    2. Plug the Clickfree into USB
    3. Close any error messages that may have popped up
    4. Using your keyboard, press Windows key + E at the same time to open Computer/My Computer
    5. Right-click the drive named CF_Storage, a context menu will appear
    6. Select Properties, a properties window will appear
    7. Select the Tools tab
    8. Under the section named Error Checking, click on the Check (Now) button 
    9. Click on the Start (or Scan and Repair Drive) button. This process may take some time.
    10. Repeat the Error Checking process until no problems have been found
    11. Disconnect the Clickfree from USB, wait 10 seconds
    12. Plug the Clickfree back into the computer

    If the Disk Check did not work, you might have to re-install the NTFS 3G application.

    How do I obtain the latest NTFS-3G driver?

    To get the latest version of the NTFS-3G software, please contact Clickfree Support at Use NTFS-3G Driver as the email subject line. Be sure to include the following:

    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Clickfree model number
    • Mac OS X version

    Clickfree Support will reply with instructions on how to obtain the latest version of NTFS-3G. 

    If your question has been answered, please click on Yes beside “Did this answer the question?” at the bottom my post. We appreciate your feedback.  :) 
  • jgblaze2jgblaze2 Delray BeachPosts: 10Member
    starts with "errpr Report" can not start , clickfree c6
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