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Can't open backed up files

kocomokocomo woodlandsPosts: 2Member
I have just received my new Clickfree Plus and plugged in to my laptop (Windows Vista). It seemed to work and took about half an hour to load and said it had transferred about 15 gigabytes of various kinds of files. I unplugged the device and later restarted my computer and plugged the Clickfree  device back in. It flashed for a few seconds which I took to indicate that it was backing up further data. A window came up listing,various files, BIN, FRM, Tools, Autorun, FixMyClickFreeBackup, StartClickFreeBackup and work.dat. None of these files contain the backup files and none of them are more than about 55 megabytes and most just a few kilobytes.
The only icon I can find is at the bottom of the computer - Backup now, setup, uninstall and about. There is no icon on the desktop and I can't find any other reference to Clickfree on my computer to enable me look at the data it has transferred and presumably now holds. I've looked everywhere I can think of but no joy. How do I open the device to view what files it has backed up please?


  • Joshua_CFJoshua_CF Posts: 1,193Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2014
    Hello Kocomo,

    Based on what you've written, it looks like the Clickfree didn't start automatically when it was connected your computer the second time. To view the files backed up on the Clickfree, you'll need to first launch the Clickfree software and then select the "Viewer" or "View files" button.

    This link below will have the information you need on viewing backed up files as well as how to manually launch the software if it decides not to automatically run:
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  • kocomokocomo woodlandsPosts: 2Member
    Thank you Joshua_CF.
    I went to the link you kindly provided and followed the instructions but unfortunately it did not work. I have decided to return the device to QVC as it was supposed to be simple but doesn't seem to work on my computer. Ce'st la vie!
    I'm very grateful to you for trying.
    Kind regards,
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