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Transferring Data From PC to Mac

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Moving data that you have backed up on your PC to a Mac is not as daunting as it seems. With Clickfree, you'll be able to transfer data from PC to Mac in a seamless transition. However, there are a few things that you need to check first:

1. Is my Clickfree compatible with Mac?

Certain Clickfree models are only compatible with PC, thus they cannot be used on a Mac. If you have one of those models, you won't be able to use it and transfer data to Mac. To know which Clickfree model you have and its compatibility, please read this post:

2. Did I already have the latest NTFS-3G driver installed on my Mac?

By default, Clickfree is formatted using the NTFS file system, which is proprietary to the Windows OS (operating system). To use Clickfree on both PC and Mac, NTFS-3G (a driver which supports read/write access to NTFS file systems on Mac OS X) must be installed on the Mac. NTFS-3G will provide Mac OS the ability to read and write to storage devices formatted using the NTFS file system. 

How can I perform a restore?

If you have already checked off the above two things, the next step is to actually perform the data transferring.
  1. Plug the Clickfree into USB
  2. Launch the Clickfree software
  3. Click on the Restore/Transfer button
  4. Select the computer backup you want to restore from
  5. Select the categories you want to restore
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. Click on the Start Restore button
  8. Once the restore is complete, the files will be located in the Restored files folder located in your user Home folder
  9. From here, you can move the files around to a custom location if needed

Note: By default, when performing a restore; the Clickfree will attempt to restore to the folder named Restored Files in your home directory. Regardless if you're restoring from the same computer, with the same operating system or not, the Clickfree will restore to this folder.

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