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Transferring Data to Windows 10

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As Microsoft officially released the new Windows 10 operating system, many Clickfree users have been asking how to put their files to the new Windows 10 PC they now own. The answer is quite simple: Use the same Restore/Transfer function that's available on each Clickfree unit.

When migrating from one Operating System to another, you may want fine grain control of where you want the files to be restore to. The best is to restore the files to a specific location on the new computer.

Restoring Files to a Specific Location:
  1. Plug your Clickfree into USB
  2. Using your keyboard, press Windows key + E at the same time to File Explorer
  3. Click on This PC on the left side
  4. You will notice the drive named Clickfree(_System) appear. At this time, the Clickfree software may automatically launch. If the software does not launch automatically, right-click on Clickfree(_System) and select: Start Clickfree Backup
  5. The Clickfree software will launch, and a countdown will begin. Before the countdown reaches zero, click on the Restore/Transfer button. (If the Clickfree reaches zero, a backup will begin. If that occurs, simply cancel the backup, exit the Clickfree software, and start from step three)
  6. Click on Switch to Advanced Restore
  7. Ensure you have selected the correct computer and backup from the Restore From drop-down lists.
  8. There are several ways to select file(s) to restore:

    Category View:

    • Select the categories you want to restore
    • Click on each category and select specific file(s)

    Explorer View:

    • Select the entire folder(s) that you would like to restore
    • Click on each folder and select specific file(s)
  9. Click Next when all the file(s) have been selected
  10. Select I will choose a specific location to restore my files to
  11. Select the drive you would like to restore the files to (by default, the internal C: drive is selected)
  12. Click on the Choose Location button (by default, C:\Clickfree restored files\[computer name] is selected)
  13. A Browse For Folder window will appear. Select the desired location/folder to restore your files and click OK.
  14. Click on the Start Restore button to begin restoring. 

The restore process will begin. Once the restore is complete, your restored files will appear in the folder that was selected in step 11. The files and folders will be arranged in the same way as they existed on the original computer, mirroring the file system at the time of the backup. 


Some Clickfree models (mainly legacy products) are not compatible with Windows 8 or above, and using the Restore/Transfer function may not work. Follow the steps below to transfer the files instead:

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