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how to delete

brendishbrendish romford ukPosts: 2Member
how can you delete four or more folders at a time why when you have deleted a folder it goes back to the top


  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2014
    Hi brendish,

    Without knowing the model of your Clickfree, I will provide a more generic answer. 

    While this is not usually recommended, you can delete a file from backup by performing the steps below. Deleting a file from the Clickfree backup will not affect the original version of the file that exists on your computer.

    How to delete a file from backup:

    1. Plug your Clickfree device into USB
    2. Click on Start > (My) Computer
    3. You will notice the drive named Clickfree(_System) appear. At this time, the Clickfree software may automatically launch. If the software does not launch automatically, right-click on Clickfree(_System) and select: Start Clickfree Backup 
    4. The Clickfree software will launch, and a countdown will begin. Before the countdown reaches zero, click on the Viewer button. (If the Clickfree reaches zero, a backup will begin. If that occurs, simply cancel the backup, exit the Clickfree software, and start from step three)
    5. Select the computer you want to delete files from
    6. Select a category
    7. Right-click on the file you want to delete
    8. Select Delete this file
    9. Confirm if you want to include this file in the next backup
    10. Click on the Yes button to confirm deletion
    Note: If you have the C6 model, you cannot delete individual files. 

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