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clickfree 400gb external hard drive Turbotax files

wardzwardz sfPosts: 1Member
My drive is not backing up 2013 turbotax files.  Any suggestions?


  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭
    Ho wardz,

    Without knowing the model of your Clickfree, I will provide a more generic answer.

    By default, the Clickfree drive should have backup the Turbo Tax files. Please try the troubleshooting steps below to check if the file had been backup:

    1. Connect the device to the computer
    2. Hold down the Window Key + E on your keyboard
    3. Right-click on CD Drive Clickfree (Or Clickfree_System), select Open
    4. Right-click on Startclickfreebackup or FIBPGuard.exe, select Run as administrator
    5. On the Countdown screen, select Viewer
    Then you can search the file to make sure the Turbo Tax file had been backup or not.
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