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How to unformat or restore C6 500GB hard drive to original NTFS

Trial_ErrorTrial_Error United KingdomPosts: 2Member

Hello.  I have a C6 500GB Clickfree on which I had backups of my 2 laptops which were fine and accessible.  Recently, my son's Laptop needed a Windows Repair done on it and naturally enough, I took a backup of all his Documents, Pictures etc., and stored them on my Clickfree drive after which I safely removed the Clickfree from his Laptop.  He then asked me if I had taken a backup of his Music which I had overlooked so I plugged Clickfree back into his Laptop.  This time, I got the message that Microsoft Net Framework 4 was required to run this device and in ignorance, I thought this was simply an update of Net Framework that was required.

The download was approximately 15Mb but the process took nearly 20 minutes to, (what I thought) was just an update being installed.  However, when the download was complete, I then discovered that my Clickfree had been formatted in Linux and now no longer operates as it should.  Every machine I now plug it into comes up with the same message; e.g., ( Microsoft Net Framework 4 was required to run this device).

I've no idea how to "unformat" it back to NTFS so my question is; can anyone tell me how I can restore my Clickfree back to it's factory condition.

I used EaseUS Data Recovery and fortunately was able to recover all of my previous Backups and other files stored on it but I can't get Clickfree to operate as it used to.  Please can anyone help otherwise the Drive is now useless.


Please see enclosed screenshot of the Disk Management showing the Clickfree Partitions  As you can see, the CDFS Partition shown as: CD-ROM 1 shows it as only 200MB in size at the bottom of the screenshot but at the top in the list where it's shown as Clickfree (H:) it's Capacity is displayed as: 134MB.    The CF_LINUX shown as Disk 3 shows it as a: Removable   465.56 GB Online but directly opposite to the right it is displayed as:

CF_LINUX (I:) 200MB NTFS Healthy Active Partition.  I haven't a clue what's going on here but if anyone can help me restore the drive back to it's original factory state I would be very grateful.  It doesn't matter about erasing the contents of the drive as I've already recovered my information.


Please help if you can.

Thank you.

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  • Trial_ErrorTrial_Error United KingdomPosts: 2Member

    Hello Mike_CF,


    Can't thank you enough for your very prompt response and great advice.  Worked like a dream.  Thank you very much for giving me my Hard Drive back.


    Merry Christmas when it comes.


    Best regards,

    John. Trial_Error.

  • Mike_CFMike_CF Posts: 2,195Member ✭✭✭✭
    You're welcome  :).

    You have a great holiday and Merry Christmas to you too.
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